More Cook Less Eat

I have a confession…

I like food.

I also like cooking food.

And currently, I like cakes.

See below for a recent attempt at a large bakewell sponge, and a few mini bakewell sponges.

You can quickly see how the larger sponge died a fiery premature death and its smaller siblings survived the intial bake, only to be devoured by myself moments after the photo.

Burnt Cakes

Bakewells Missing... Last Known Photograph Attached

Bakewells Missing… Last Known Photograph Attached

Do you cook / bake much?

Any healthy treats I can try instead of fattening myself up?

Random picture of Chloe because no post is truly complete without one…

Chloe Coat

I also tried a cinnamon swirl at starbucks today. Was good. Very good.


What have you been up to this weekend?


A New Year

I have been running for over a year but struggle to couple that with a healthy lifestyle.

There is one problem. One delicious, tasty and amazing problem. Food.

Food to me is a hobby. Just like running. This brings be nicely back to the point of my blog… More run, less eat.

I am aiming to post at least weekly but I may surprise myself if it proves easy to blog off my phone.Enjoy!