Running Equipment

Adidas Boston 4 Trainers

 These are my main pair of running shoes. I use these to train / race in. Last year I had some issues with my hamstring and my knee. I carefully selected these trainers and since purchasing them I have not experienced the same pain. They are incredibly lightweight and very comfortable. I would highly recommend them.

Adidas Duramo 5 Trainers

My first pair of running shoes. I wore these into the ground. In 9 months in 2013, I managed to run aprox. 500 miles in these! The cushioning eventually lost any comfort and I invested in the Boston 4s but without any reluctance. These trainers were bought on a budget and were good enough to help me run my first half marathon in 01:42:00. Recommended for any beginners out there.

Karrimor Running Jacket

This is a very thin jacket that I use for a bit of extra comfort on windy days / cold nights. Comfortable to run in and doesnt leave me too hot. A good price aswell. Probably not market leading by any stretch but brilliant for running on a budget.

Running Nutrition

Impact Whey

I purchase my Impact Whey from MyProtein. I have tried almost every type of protein available and find that this protein mixes the best. I have a shake with breakfast everyday and the flavours offered are fantastic. I could not recommend this product more. Currently I am enjoying the Strawberry Jam Roly Poly Flavour – I know : Incredible right!

Beta Alanine

I have been taking this for a few weeks and my times are steadily improving and my muscle fatigue has decreased dramatically. Unfortunately it leaves you with a strange tingling sensation which I find quite uncomfortable. I continue to include this in my diet daily despite the tingles.

Alpro Soya Chocolate Milk

This is a recent addition to my routine. I find that the amount of carbs / sugar / protein supplement me well after I finish a run. Plus it’s a sneaky way to get a bit of chocolate. It is very tasty and find I am recovering well with it.


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