Week 1 : Marathon Training

After watching Mo in London and Meb in Boston, I’ve been inspired to take on longer distances in my training. So in all the excitement I found that I had been successful with my ballot application for the Paris Marathon 2015.

Whilst I am unsure if I will do that specific race, I think a marathon is definitely something I want to achieve sooner rather than later. So with that in mind, my training begins here!

I intend on doing a weekly update of each weeks training. Hopefully this will keep me on track and also give me the opportunity to get advice from all my readers.

So without further adieu, here is my training in week one…

Mon : 4 miles @ 7:26
Tue : 4 miles @ 7:06
Wed : 5 miles @ 7:27
Thu : 4 miles @ 7:08
Fri : Rest day
Sat : 3.1 miles @ 6:35
Sun : 10 miles @ 7:55
Total mileage : 30.1 miles

This week has been a base point for more regular mileage. I have ran similar total weekly mileage before but I tend to have 2 rest days. Dropping to one shouldn’t be a huge problem. If anything, rest days can be hard to stick to when you are enjoying your runs!

The only training issue this week has been my diet. I’m still suffering an easter chocolate hangover and my diet of 2 easter eggs a day has ‘probably’ been a mistake.

This week should be a cleaner week and I expect this to show in my times towards next weekend.

What’s your next running goal?

Do you use a running belt? I am conscious it was very warm today and should start taking drinks on longer runs…

Any advice on training for the big 26.2?


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