Day One

To begin the year, I decided to see where my running / fitness was currently at. In September I had ran a 5k in sub 21mins. Since then I had been struggling to maintain momentum and my only running involved attending my local weekly Parkrun.

So after a New Years Eve party at which copious amounts of alcohol was consumed, I decided to zip up the man suit and go for a run in the morning.

Outside it was wet, windy and cold, leaving me with feeling this was a bad idea and a cup of coffee with some chocolate from Xmas would be a better idea. Still, I pushed on and whilst I tailed off in the final km I ran a mildly respectable 24:30.

At this point I felt very proud of myself despite the obvious shortage of breath and drowned kitten look I was sporting…

Despite this achievement, I went out with some friends for a curry in the evening. A new years day curry has become a strange tradition of ours and it was honoured in style (a picture of my planner tikka starter can be found below).

So Day One was a cross of an extremely motivated morning coupled with an extremely satisfying dinner.

Not the worst start to a year…



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